June 07, 2005 9:11 pm

So I discovered the elliptical machine. It is my NEW BEST FRIEND. Zero-impact cardio, and I can go much faster than on the treadmill. Woo! I was doing a steady 4.8mph pace, which for me and my short little legs is a damn miracle, thanks.

I also broke my toe. Big toe, on my right foot. The same foot that is attached to the leg that I twisted while camping. My poor toe is swollen though (as yet) has not started to turn purple. I hit it against a bookcase last night, and owie. :( Hubby buddy-taped it to the toe next to it and I'm hobbling around in socks and flip-flops because sneakers are apparently Bad.


I'm also munching on grapenuts for my "i'm hungry give me FOOD" snack. And I'm going to start following a diabetic diet. And I called my dietician and got information on eating for high cholesterol, so that I can keep my hubby's cholesterol levels where they are now (140 or so). I would say that I rock, but I forgot to take my vitamin and I haven't been to Curves, so I don't rock.

Paid-time is nearly gone. As soon as my gold membership expires, you might not see me for awhile. I'm not going to sit and endlessly click on "add an entry" to wait till andrew gets his thumb out of his ass and lets us lowly-non-paying customers add an update. I'll add a link to the new place, tho.

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